Mandy Moore set to climb Mount Everest’s base camp

Mandy Moore set to climb Mount Everest’s base camp

The 35-year-old actress is currently on hiatus from ‘This Is Us’ and is “very excited” to be using her trip to head to Nepal for a trek, which will take nine days on the way in and a few more on the way out, and insisted she isn’t feeling nervous about the adventure.

She said: “I’m very excited. It doesn’t scare me. It’s invigorating! The moments that you push yourself out of my comfort zone are so fulfilling and nourishing.”

Mandy admitted hiking has been “part of the connective tissue in my life for so long” but she has recently become more adventurous after discovering her “inner mountain girl” on a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro last year.

She told People magazine: “That trip really solidified things for me. I discovered my inner mountain girl!”

The Everest trek will be lead by Mandy’s friend Melissa Arnot, an Eddie Bauer Alpine guide who she met last year and teamed up with last month on a hike in New Zealand.

And the guide appreciates her new pal’s “really good attitude” on their trips.

Melissa said: “She has a passion for the outdoors and really pushing herself. And she’s so open and generous. That’s a really enjoyable person to travel with.”

Mandy’s husband Taylor Goldsmith also came on the New Zealand trip after his wife introduced him to her passion shortly after they got married last year.

She said: “I roped Taylor into hiking.

“On our honeymoon [in Chile] I was like, ‘Babe, we’re going to hike every day,’ and he was a really good sport about it. It’s a through-line in our relationship now. And he totally keeps up!”

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