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Malaysians seize opportunity to register, update data in Padu on last day - The Leaders Online

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Malaysians seize opportunity to register, update data in Padu on last day

Malaysians seize opportunity to register, update data in Padu on last day

KUALA LUMPUR, March 31 — People across the country are not missing the opportunity to register and update their information in the Central Database Hub (Padu) system via online or at physical counters on its last day of registration today.

According to a post on Padu Official Facebook page, some 10.85 million individuals out of 30.08 million individuals have updated their personal information in the system as at noon compared to 10.61 million individuals as at 11.59pm yesterday.

In Selangor, physical registration counters were open during special community programmes, including the Padu Registration with Chief Statistician at Flat Seri Aman, Petaling Jaya, where people started to gather as early as 9am.

The residents praised the government’s efforts in ensuring that people could register for Padu physically, which saves time and makes it easier for them, especially the elderly who may not know how to register online.

The public was also seen queuing as early as 7.30am outside the People’s Information Centre (PMR), at the Anggerik Mall Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Shah Alam, to register and update the system physically.

In Johor, lorry driver M. Chandran, 49, from Ulu Tiram, said he took advantage of his day off today to register and update information due to time constraints earlier.

“I want to update today because I don’t want to miss out on any government assistance. I chose to come here because if there is any problem they can help,” he said when met at the compound of the Johor Inland Revenue Board Office.

In Perlis, housewife Ani Saad, 52, from Pauh, Arau said she updated her information at the physical counter set up at a supermarket here because her home was experiencing internet service disruption.

Rosmah Wahab, 64, a single mother who is also from Arau said she came to the supermarket just to update her Padu information at the counter because she did not have a smartphone.

When met at Komtar UTC in Penang, Khatijah Nordin, 63, and her husband Ridzuan Othman, 71, said they had updated their information last Friday, but there was a slight problem when uploading their photos and so they came to the physical counter to complete the registration.

In Kedah, self-employed Mohd Izzat Othman, 35, said he came to register for his mother, father and sibling after several failed attempts at home.

“Today, many people come to register, perhaps they have become aware after receiving information and realising the benefits of registering with Padu. Maybe the ministry can extend the registration period for at least another week,” he said when met at the National Information Dissemination Centre (Nadi) in Kampung Gunung Hilir here.

In Kelantan, single mother Zainab Yacob, 72, from Pauh Lima, Bachok said she took the opportunity to register for Padu today to ensure government assistance was channelled effectively.

“So far, it has been very easy for the elderly like me to register for Padu since there are officers stationed to help,” she said when met at KB Mall UTC here today.

In Terengganu, freelancer Mohd Razlan Mamat, 48, said he had tried to fill out his information at home with the help of his children but was unsuccessful and he had forgotten all about it.

Meanwhile in Pahang, a check at a supermarket in Kuantan found that the Padu registration process was going smoothly, but most people requested that physical counters be increased on the last day and separated between verification and registration.

In Negeri Sembilan, Palong 11 Nadi manager Nur Syazeera Wahid said nearly 1,000 Felda settlers from Palong 9, 10 and 11 in Jempol had registered with Padu since it was launched earlier this year.

In Perak, state Communications, Multimedia and NGO Committee chairman Mohd Azlan Helmi hopes that any individual who has not yet updated the data and information in the system to do so immediately before registration closes today.