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Malaysia Showcases Its Best at the 10th Halal Expo Turkiye: A Global Triumph

Malaysia Showcases Its Best at the 10th Halal Expo Turkiye: A Global Triumph

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 14 ― Malaysia, renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse economic landscape, is taking the international stage at the 10th Halal Expo Turkiye. Organised by My Events International and in collaboration with MATRADE, the 4th-year Malaysia Showcase proved to be an extraordinary platform for Malaysian businesses to shine on the global map.

The last year event witnessed enthusiastic participation from a plethora of Malaysian companies, each showcasing their unique offerings to a vast audience that extended far beyond the borders of Turkiye. Mohammad Faizal Bin Zainon from Emzi Holdings Sdn Bhd expressed his delight, stating, “A lot of activities occurred, and the best part of the overall event is that it is not focused only on the Turkiye market. It also covered countries from Europe, North-Asia, and the Gulf region. There are huge opportunities here.”

The event, which will be taking place from November 23 to 26, 2023, at the prestigious Istanbul Expo Centre in Turkiye, will be served as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and innovations. Malaysian entrepreneurs, driven by a spirit of enterprise and innovation, showcase a wide array of products and services, capturing the interest of attendees from various corners of the world.

The Halal Development Corporation (HDC) stands as the main partner, driving Malaysia’s halal industry forward. Additionally, the event receives invaluable support from renowned entities such as the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDN), underlining the significance of this showcase in promoting Malaysia’s leadership in the global halal market. The pavilion will be graced by approximately 30 Malaysian companies, with a diverse representation ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to ambitious small entrepreneurs.

For those eager to delve deeper into the Malaysia Showcase experience, the event organisers have made it easy to stay connected. Through their Facebook and Instagram pages (@msiashowcase) and the official website (, attendees and enthusiasts alike can access a wealth of information, photos, and updates about the event.

For event-related inquiries and further information, interested parties can reach out to the Malaysia Showcase Secretariat via email at or contact them directly at +6012 335 5067. This dedicated team is committed to providing detailed information and assistance to ensure that the Malaysia Showcase continues to thrive as a premier international event.

The 4th-year Malaysia Showcase at the 10th Halal Expo Turkiye not only served as a testament to Malaysia’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation but also fostered international collaborations and partnerships. As Malaysian businesses continue to make strides on the global stage, events like these reaffirm Malaysia’s position as a hub of creativity, culture, and commerce. Here’s to more years of successful showcases and fruitful partnerships on the international platform.