Lawyers come forward with legal aid for Abang Botak

Lawyers come forward with legal aid for Abang Botak

PUCHONG: Two lawyers have come forward to bail out Abang Botak who was sentenced to one-year imprisonment after he was found guilty of being a road bully since prison terms should not be imposed easily like ‘kacang putih’.

The term refers to nuts but it is also used to mean easy.

Outspoken lawyer Siti Kasim felt that the imprisonment imposed on Danial Abdullah Tan was excessive.

“I understand the anger of the public but still I do feel this is too excessive of a punishment. Magistrates must not dish out imprisonment like giving out kacang putih,” she wrote on Facebook.

She also took into consideration that he might be going through a tough patch in life and suggested other forms of punishment instead of imprisonment.

“Putting people in jail is not the answer to everything.  I would think a fine, pay the cost of damaged windscreen, apologise to the victim and attending anger management treatment would be far more beneficial for all parties.”

abang botak, smash car screen
Danial Abdullah Tan, better known as Abang Botak

The infamous Abang Botak was charged with causing mischief to a Perodua Alza belonging to Siew Chean Voon, 58, by smashing the windscreen with a crash helmet at Jalan Kasturi, Seksyen 12, Taman Bukit Serdang at 5.30pm on Tuesday.  His actions were recorded and went viral.

He was sentenced to one-year imprisonment yesterday.

Criminal lawyer, Suzana Norlihan Ujen meanwhile called upon other lawyers to file an appeal via Facebook.

“Can any lawyers file an appeal because I can’t make it. I am on MC after undergoing treatment but I will the case in court during the appeal,” she said.

Suzana also justified her effort for Danial.

“The reason I want to appeal his case is because I want him to get equal justice like Lan Pet Pet who only was only fine RM2,000 for beating a guard.”

“I also know that he won’t be able to pay the fine. So that is why I want to collect it,” she said in response to a question from another Facebook user.

“By the way, I myself can pay for him,” she added.

Comedian Lan Pet Pet, 46, was fined RM2,000 in April after he was found guilty of beating up a security guard.

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