Launch of the Singapore Fund Directors Association (SFDA)

Launch of the Singapore Fund Directors Association (SFDA)

SINGAPORE, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 1 December 2020, saw the launch of the Singapore Fund Directors Association, a new body, established to create and support an ecosystem within Singapore’s financial industry for fund directors. The SFDA is an independent not for profit association, registered as a company limited by guarantee in Singapore.  

Martin O'Regan
Martin O’Regan

The SFDA is the fund director’s destination where they will be part of an ecosystem and community peopled by thought leaders, experts, and service providers in the investment fund’s sector from Singapore and other countries. In response to the changes taking place globally since the COVID-19 pandemic, the time has come to identify, deliberate on, and recalibrate one’s strengths. SFDA encourages continuous professional development in the financial services sector with adaptability and decisiveness. Now is the time to build a network of informed and experienced individuals working in governance and oversight roles to facilitate greater collaboration within the ecosystem and career development opportunities.

According to SFDA Chairman, Martin O’Regan, “With over 25 years of industry experience each I have assembled a strong committee, consisting of myself, Robert Grome and Soek Khim Chang.  Robert was previously Asia Pacific Leader -PwC Asset Management Industry Group until 2014 and since then has been serving large Fund Boards in Asia in different asset classes. Khim’s previous role spanning over 20 years was Head of Dealing at a large Singapore based fund manager, she managed executions across 25 countries with an AUM of USD4bn. For myself after a long career globally in fund administration I have been a full-time independent director for the last seven years. O’Regan says” SFDA will develop subgroups and working groups to promote and tackle industry issues and work with regulatory authorities on governance initiatives. SFDA will be reaching out to the funds community to encourage members to join.”  

The SFDA intends to support independent directors in Singapore by diversifying and strengthening the development of talent in the financial services sector. They will do this by providing a platform for personal development, exchange of information and learning, and building a network for their members.

  • The SFDA Mission:

Their mission is to be Singapores premier body representing investment fund directors to foster long-term success through advocacy and standards-setting in corporate governance and professional development for fund directors.

They aim to support the stakeholders in the ecosystem in terms of job recalibration, personal development and training.

  • The SFDA Vision:

The SFDA aspires to be an authoritative advocate, influential promoter and a dynamic facilitator of excellence in investment fund director practices in Singapore and internationally. Their goal is to build a community that upholds the highest standards and practices in the financial industry.

  • Local and International Relations

The SFDA focuses its effort to augment a major consultative status and a voice from the investment fund’s community to government, regulatory authorities, and service providers on corporate governance issues and to be recognised as the authoritative advocate on behalf of investment fund directors in Singapore.

  • Variable Capital Companies (VCC) framework

The SFDA is committed to support the continued development of the VCC framework in enhancing Singapore’s relevance as an international investment funds hub.

Achieving their mission and vision will require the SFDA to focus on the following areas continually:

  • Education and the Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Professionalism and Integrity of our members
  • Establishing and Maintaining Local and International Relations
  • Supporting and Developing Independence and Accountability in Investment Fund Governance

More information can be found on the SFDA website

Media Contact: Martin O’Regan
Phone: +65 9756 8007
Company: Singapore Fund Directors Association (SFDA)