Joining Hands for Ten Years: Building Together for Mutual Success | China Telecom Global Showcases at the Belt and Road Summit

Joining Hands for Ten Years: Building Together for Mutual Success | China Telecom Global Showcases at the Belt and Road Summit

HONG KONG, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 8th Belt and Road Summit, held in Hong Kong from September 13th to 14th, concluded successfully. The summit witnessed the participation of nearly 6,000 government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from nearly 70 countries and regions, as well as over 100 overseas and mainland delegations. As the platinum sponsor of this event, China Telecom Global engaged in discussions with the political and business communities from countries and regions along the Belt and Road, aiming to promote regional cooperation and foster trade partnerships under the Belt and Road Initiative, thus embracing the new era of the initiative.

Under the theme “Prospering on a Decade of Collaboration,” Chief Executive of the HKSAR, John Lee Ka-chiu , stated that Hong Kong serves as a vital platform for expanding cooperation between mainland China and the world. He highlighted Hong Kong’s significant role in the Belt and Road Initiative and expressed the hope that participants from various countries could seize this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of China’s economic development potential and identify potential partners for collaboration.

China Telecom Global deeply understands and embraces the significant spirit of the Belt and Road Summit. We are committed to actively implementing the directives and collaborating with global partners to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative. We aim to drive industrial digital transformation and unleash the power of the global digital economy.

During the two-day summit, China Telecom Global organised a booth under the theme of “Integrated Cloud and Network for a Smarter Belt & Road”, with sections of “On-cloud Intelligent Digitalisation” and “Empowering as a Service”. Through these sections, we focused on showcasing China Telecom’s world-class digital technology services and comprehensive capabilities and implementation to empower the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

As one of the earliest domestic operators to establish a global presence, China Telecom has established overseas branches in 41 countries and regions, with business operations spanning across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

On the first day of the event, Clarence Tang, Senior Solution Consultant of China Telecom Global, delivered an insightful theme speech. He provided a detailed introduction to China Telecom’s international strengths and customised industry solutions. China Telecom’s eSurfing Cloud has been actively practising the concept of cloud-network integration, continuously expanding the breadth and depth of its cloud and network infrastructure coverage. It has established a distributed cloud and network resource layout of “2+4+31+X+O” and a strategic layout of overseas resource nodes of “9+30+X+N.”

eSurfing Cloud has achieved a series of accomplishments in technological innovation, independent controllability, security and trustworthiness, and cloud-network integration. Its self-developed products have formed the capability of “one cloud, multiple cores; one cloud, multiple forms” in terms of output and integration. Leveraging the advantages of cloud-network integration and the full-stack self-research capability of key technologies, eSurfing Cloud has built an integrated product system encompassing cloud, network, edge, client, digital, intelligence, and security. It provides DICT (Digital Information and Communications Technology) services such as SD-WAN, cloud connectivity, multi-cloud management platforms, cloud-network management platforms, and cloud security platforms. These services deeply support the digital transformation process of various industries, catering to the diverse business scenarios of enterprises. With one-stop customised solutions, China Telecom Global assists in promoting high-quality cross-border development.

China Telecom Global will uphold its corporate mission of “Empowering Customer Success with World-Class Digital and Intelligent Technology Services”, its vision of becoming an internationally leading enterprise trusted by customers, proud of its employees, and praised by the industry, as well as its core values of “Customer First, Open and Entrepreneurial, ONE CTG, and People-oriented”. We will actively participate in the information construction of countries and regions along the Belt and Road, promoting the interconnectivity of local digital infrastructure. With China Telecom Global ‘s abundant cloud and network resources and the mature overseas service capability of eSurfing Cloud, we are continuously assisting enterprises in achieving their overseas expansion goals and meeting the demands of expanding overseas and participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. We actively participate in and contribute to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, working hand in hand with various sectors of society to jointly build and share the achievements of Belt and Road cooperation.