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Join us at the 31st PT Expo China from June 4 to June 6 - The Leaders OnlineThe Leaders Online

Join us at the 31st PT Expo China from June 4 to June 6

by Theleaders-Online | May 10, 2023 5:00 pm

BEIJING, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 31st PT Expo China (hereinafter referred to as “PTEXPO”), hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and organized by Postal & Telecommunications Appliances Co., Ltd., will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on June 4-6, 2023. The year 2023 marks the fourth anniversary of the official commercialization of China’s 5G technology. By the end of 2022, China had built the world’s largest 5G network with 2.312 million 5G base stations, and had 561 million 5G users, which accounted for over 60% of the world’s total 5G users. On the occasion of this important milestone for industry development, the PTEXPO will showcase the achievements of the ICT industry with the theme “Build an Information Artery, Co-create a New Era of Digital Intelligence”. The event highlights progress in areas such as the innovation and evolution of 5G technology, R&D of key and core technologies, broadband network construction, digital industrialization, and digital transformation of industries. Renowned companies from the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the ICT industry will gather here with their latest technologies, products, and cutting-edge viewpoints, presenting an exciting and professional feast for the industry.

Grand occasion of the exhibition[1]
Grand occasion of the exhibition

This year, the exhibition area has been upgraded to over 40,000 square meters, featuring 6 major exhibition sessions, 9 special exhibition areas, more than 40 industrial summits, and the release of multiple industrial reports and white papers. The scale of the exhibition will reach a new high, including dedicated exhibition areas for 5G security, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, digital healthcare, etc.

This year, the ICT China • High-level Forum will continue the “2+10+N” model, that is, to organize 2 high-level forums, 10 theme forums, N thematic forums as well as self-organized activities by enterprises. The forum will consist of a series of activities such as technical seminars, solicitation and selection, new product releases, government-enterprise exchange, investment and financing, etc. The Computing Power Innovation Forum, AI-Driven Future Conference, Quantum Computing Forum, and Future City Gigabit Optical Network Development Forum will be held, along with additional forums such as 2023 Anti-telecom Fraud Forum, 5G Security Forum, and Cloud Native Development Forum, to empower the digital transformation of all sectors of society.

The organizer of the exhibition highlighted that PTEXPO, as a national ICT industry feast, will play a crucial role in empowering vertical sectors, boosting confidence and building a consensus on industry development. We are delighted to announce that the invitation for exhibition visitors has started, and we warmly welcome you to attend and participate in the exhibition. Click here[2] to learn more.

Visitors experiencing digital devices[3]
Visitors experiencing digital devices

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