Johor might introduce carbon credit tax to increase revenue

Johor might introduce carbon credit tax to increase revenue

ISKANDAR PUTERI, Sept 14 — The Johor government is considering a proposal to implement carbon credits in an effort to increase its revenue, state Climate Change and Disaster Management Select Committee chairman Anuar Abd Manap said today.

He said the effort was important because revenue from the carbon credit tax can enable the government to channel it as a state disaster allocation.

“The carbon credits can be implemented in Johor through the local government authorities, especially those involving industrial development.

“Any industry that is releasing carbon above a certain threshold will have to pay the value of the carbon released to the government. This can be the state or federal government.

“This will indirectly provide additional income to the government and that income can assist with matters related to the management of disasters due to climate change,” Anuar told reporters outside the Johor state legislative assembly at the Bangunan Sultan Ismail in Kota Iskandar here.

Anuar, who is also the Pemanis assemblyman, had earlier presented the carbon credits proposal in the state assembly.

He said there is a need to negate the effects of climate change and disaster management in Johor.

He said the select committee has also suggested the state government fund the Malaysian Meteorological Department to set up auxiliary automatic meteorological stations throughout the state.

Anuar also said the state government has proposed to create an integrated database to improve the documentation process at temporary evacuation centres.

He said the database will contain important information for flood management, including a list of household heads.

“This database should always be updated and can be used for the purpose of rescue assistance and also the post-flood assistance process.

“The committee also suggested that there be additional allocations for the annual maintenance of the Johor Department of Irrigation and Drainage’s irrigation, river and drainage work,” he said.