Incheon JiChang introduces Incheon city’s K-Contents (VR and AR contents)

by Theleaders-Online | March 25, 2021 7:39 am

SEOUL, South Korea, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Incheon, Korea’s gateway city, has highlighted its K-Contents (VR and AR) in the 2021 Spring edition of Incheon JiChang.


Incheon JiChng is a Chinese newsletter published by the city government in hopes of attracting international tourists. The newest edition introduces K-Contents, already gathering interests from the global market just like K-Pop and K-drama. 

K-Contents, suggested as the next future-oriented industry to bring the next Korean wave, are realistic VR and AR contents that integrate Korea’s cutting-edge technology and advanced culture.

Incheon is at the center of this development of advanced K-Contents. The city government is actively developing reality-based contents including augmented and virtual reality contents via its regional characteristics as the home of Songdo Bio-cluster and Incheon International Airport. The city has established a “VR/AR industry long and mid-term development plan” to further strengthen and develop the content industry. As a part of the plan, it opened Incheon VR/AR hub center in Songdo in 2020.

The Incheon VR/AR hub center will serve as the regional platform for the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) industry, which is the core technology for the next generation of the content industry. It will manage a development academy for multidisciplinary professionals to supply high-quality experts and to create jobs. Moreover, it will also support VR and AR companies with international publishing as the forefront base. In addition, it plans to develop various projects including free AR and VR equipment rentals, content development support, expert and company training, and showcasing the first reality-based contents through collaboration between industry and academia.

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