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HyperLive.tv's Getai Fundraising Concert Raises Over $200,000 for Charity - The Leaders Online

HyperLive.tv’s Getai Fundraising Concert Raises Over $200,000 for Charity

HyperLive.tv’s Getai Fundraising Concert Raises Over $200,000 for Charity

SINGAPORE, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A Singaporean start-up has made fundraising a fun and interactive virtual event. On Sunday 26 September, HyperLive Entertainment hosted the ‘All Stars e-Getai Charity Concert 2’ to much fanfare, attracting more than 100,000 views online and raising more than $200,000 for NTUC-U Care Fund. Over $50,000 was raised through live gifts during the live show and a group of donors have graciously pledged to match the donations raised dollar for dollar. The amount raised by HyperLive was then further matched by Singapore Totalisator Board (TOTE Board), to bring the final figure to four times of what was originally raised.

Mr Desmond Tan (Center), Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, with getai veterans Wang Lei (Left) and Marcus Chin (Right) on stage at the charity concert.
Mr Desmond Tan (Center), Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, with getai veterans Wang Lei (Left) and Marcus Chin (Right) on stage at the charity concert.

The concert was graced by a special Guest-of-Honour, Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, who serenaded the audience with a classic Hokkien song, drawing over $10,000 in live gifts. Mr David Chua, CEO of National Youth Council, also performed a song for charity during the concert. NTUC was represented by Mr Zainal Sapari, Assistant Director-General and Director of NTUC Care and Share Department, who also attended the live show.

Pivotal to the event’s fundraising objective was HyperLive’s live gifting feature, made possible by technology partner BeLive Technology. This new and innovative feature enabled viewers to send donations in the form of live gifts to the concert’s beneficiary. Gifts in the form of animations were showered throughout the show in support of NTUC-U Care Fund as the viewers demonstrated their love and care for lower-income workers during this difficult time.

The ‘All Stars e-Getai Charity Concert 2’ is part of the SGLive initiative, first conceptualised by HyperLive with an aim to build a more caring community and society. Through this initiative, SGLive seeks to promote a greater sense of rootedness to our community and our country, encouraging Singaporeans to collectively embrace the spirit of giving to support those in need.

Hosting the concert were popular getai duo Wang Lei and Marcus Chin, lighting up the show with their unique brand of humour and funny antics. It was a fun and engaging experience for the viewers, who got to vote and choose their favourite songs which were performed by the star-studded line-up, including Lee Pei Fen, Hao Hao, Hsu Chiung Fang, Jessie Yeong, Michelle Choo, Jason Chung, Zhang Xiong and Anna Lim. Ai Ni Wu Tiao Jian and Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan were selected during Lee Pei Fen’s and Hao Hao’s sets respectively by live polling.

The success of the concert, which was held at *Scape Live! Studio, Powered by EBX, demonstrates that with the right mix of entertainment, star attraction and innovation, virtual events provide an entertaining, interactive and novel way to raise funds to help the community and beneficiaries.

Chairman of SGLive, Mr Kelvin Chng, said after the show, “Times have changed. Beneficiaries are no longer constrained by traditional means of fundraising – tonight (Sunday) has shown that virtual fundraising can be as effective as physical fundraisers. The amount raised from audience contribution can be matched by corporate donors and sponsors to effectively multiply it up to four times for the beneficiaries. With large-scale physical events becoming more challenging to organise due to COVID restrictions, the potential for what we can do for these beneficiaries is enormous. With the right support, we can make a real difference to the community and people’s lives.”

Mr Zainal Sapari added, “We explored new approaches for fundraising this year through partnering business organisations and leveraging platforms such as this online getai charity concert to raise funds. We are heartened that these organisations and people resonate with our cause to help lower-income workers and their families during this current pandemic. We would like to thank HyperLive Entertainment and SGLive for the opportunity to do more for our needy workers and give them hope during this challenging time.”

The fundraising campaign for NTUC-U Care Fund on Giving.sg runs till 17 Oct 2021. Interested donors may still contribute through the link below:


About HyperLive Entertainment

Launched in August 2021, HyperLive.tv is the ultimate entertainment platform to watch live shows and events. HyperLive.tv combines music, entertainment, lifestyle and exclusivity with highly interactive features that makes for an engaging viewing experience – HyperLive has created a unique and exciting way to broadcast and watch content live. Registration to HyperLive.tv is free where viewers can access all the exclusive #SGLive shows and more.

About NTUC-U Care Fund

The NTUC-U Care Fund was established in 2009 to consolidate the Labour Movement’s fundraising efforts to better the welfare of lower-income union members and their families. Through the collective efforts of the NTUC-affiliated unions, association and social enterprises, together with management and tripartite partners, $113 million has been disbursed since 2009 to help workers affected by the economic downturn and fund our assistance programmes. Since its inception, the NTUC-U Care Fund has strived to make a difference in the lives of its lower-income members and their families by helping them to lessen their financial burden.