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Govt always strive to tackle high cost of living, cartel issues  - The Leaders OnlineThe Leaders Online

Govt always strive to tackle high cost of living, cartel issues 

by Theleaders | April 2, 2024 10:16 am

PUTRAJAYA, April 2 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today said that the government is continuously striving to address the cost of living issues by taking various steps, including tackling cartels to reduce the price of imported rice.

He said that the implementation of targeted subsidies and changes to the pension system should not be questioned, as done by a certain Member of Parliament (MP) claiming that some MPs are also classified as B40.

“Just like the cost of living, I have never denied that we are still facing challenges, but we are doing our best, fighting against cartels.

“He (the MP) said it can’t be done because some MPs are B40. What is he talking about? Even with tens of thousands of ringgit in salary and allowances, they still B40. Where is he from?” he said while speaking at the Ministry of Finance’s monthly assembly here today.

Meanwhile, Anwar said fighting against cartels has never been done before, but it needs to be done as one of the efforts to save the country from corrupt practices.

“It is not easy because the attacks come from some big shots (in the industries). People who have amassed billions of wealth are powerful. They influence social media, they can ‘buy’ many people through Facebook, TikTok, and so on, they can pay,” he said, adding that it would be meaningless for him to hold the title of a leader if he wasn’t willing to face risks.

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