Get services, advice on electricity from authorised parties

by Theleaders-Online | April 16, 2021 4:05 am

KUALA LUMPUR: The Energy Commission (ST) has urged all parties to seek services and advice on safety, maintenance, repair, and electrical installation only from those authorised by the commission.

In a statement today, the ST said this was to ensure the public’s safety as the commissioned parties are the holders of certificates of competency from the commission, as well as registered public licensees and electrical contractors.

The commission explained that in order to obtain a certificate of competency, the candidate must pass theoretical, practical and oral examinations on proper and safe electrical procedures.

According to the statement, public licensees and electrical contractors registered with the ST will also need to hire relevant and registered full-time competent persons with the commission.

“This will ensure the safety of the public when using their services or getting advice from them,“ said the statement.

The commission said the public could request the parties concerned to show their ST Competent Person Identification Card (CPIC) before making an appointment to carry out electrical work.

“People can also scan the QR Code on the card to ensure that the data provided is the same as what is shown on the card.

“Besides that, the ST website ( also displays a list of contractors and competent persons registered with the commission that can be referred to by the public,“ the statement said.

If they have complaints on the matter, the public can channel them to the ST complaint system (eAduan) which can be accessed through the ST website or by calling 03-8870 8800, or via email to


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