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Game-Changing Hard Floor Cleaner: Discover the Revolutionary Hizero F100 - The Leaders Online

Game-Changing Hard Floor Cleaner: Discover the Revolutionary Hizero F100

Game-Changing Hard Floor Cleaner: Discover the Revolutionary Hizero F100

ALHAMBRA, Calif., March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hizero is proud to announce the release of their All-In-One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner F100. The F100 will be launched on Indiegogo for crowdfunding on March 8th.

As homeowners, people all know the hassle of cleaning up spills and messes on the floors. Sweeping, mopping, and drying can be time-consuming and cumbersome. But, thanks to the Hizero F100, this may no longer be the case.

Enter the Hizero F100, a revolutionary cordless hard floor cleaner that’s taking the market by storm. With its patented technology called UltimateClean™, the Hizero F100 sweeps and mops hard floors simultaneously with ease, speed, and convenience. Different from traditional vacuum technology, the Hizero F100’s technology utilizes water as primary cleaning tool. Whether users are dealing with spilled liquids, pet hair, or dust, the Hizero F100 has got them covered.

  • No Suction Technology For Clean Air and No Dust

Traditional hard floor cleaners utilize suction to clean the floor. Hizero wanted to re-invent the wheel, so they developed hard floor cleaner to use No Suction Technology(NST). The benefit of this technology is that no dust is blown back into the room, ensuring that the air in the home remains clean and healthy.

  • Sweeps and Mops For All Types of Hard Flooring

With its unique water spraying system, the Hizero F100 can simultaneously sweep, wet mop, and dry mop your floors, leaving them spotless and free of debris. The Hizero F100 dispenses water as it moves across the floor, picking up anything from solid waste to liquids with the unique high-density, gentle yet hard-wearing Polymer Roller. It can be used on all sealed hard flooring, making it a versatile choice for any home.

  • Quietly Runs For 80 min at Only 60dB

With UltimateClean™, the noise level of the F100 is lower than other wet & dry vacuums at only 60dB, helping to keep homes quiet while cleaning. With over 80 minutes of cordless running time, it lasts longer than most other cordless vacuums.

  • Waste Auto Separation and Self-Cleaning

The Hizero F100 has a unique water flow system that keeps its unique polymer roller clean while users are cleaning their floors. It automatically separates all waste, including dirty liquids in one tank, solids in a waste tray, and hair picked up by its brush roller. The efficient waste separation makes disposal much easier.

  • Easy Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

The Hizero F100 is eco-friendly, using only water in its cleaning process. With its reusable polymer roller and washable tray, the F100 not only saves money, but it also helps reduce waste and protect the environment. As the designer Magnus Lundström of the F100 said, “to me good design is not only about aesthetics it needs to last both in performance and looks”.

  • Order A Hizero F100 Today

Experience the patented technology, efficiency, and environmental benefits of the Hizero F100 today. Don’t settle for traditional cleaning methods that only add to the workload. Upgrade to the Hizero F100 and enjoy the ultimate cleaning experience with a retail price of $499 USD and a mind-blowing discount for Indiegogo early birds.


Hizero F100: All-In-One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner
Hizero F100: All-In-One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

  • About Hizero

At Hizero, we aim to enhance the life and wellbeing of people by helping them clean their home more efficiently, effortlessly, and faster than ever before. We live up to our pledge thanks to our bionic inspired technology, sophisticated design, service commitment, and care for all the things that inspire you.

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