Fun Weekend Activities: Fair Trade Autumn Festival, A Bazaar and Three Themed Workshops for Fair Trade

Fun Weekend Activities: Fair Trade Autumn Festival, A Bazaar and Three Themed Workshops for Fair Trade

HONG KONG, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fair Trade Hong Kong will host the Fair Trade Autumn Festival on 17 and 18 September 2022 with a theme around Fair Share.  Among the attractions, there will be a bazaar with 10 ethical brands selling a wide variety of food from around the world, also skincare and beauty products. There will also be three sustainability-themed workshops where participants will have a taste of sustainable lifestyle, upcycling waste into valuable resources which matches Fairtrade practices.

Fair Trade Hong Kong will host the Fair Trade Autumn Festival on 17 and 18 September 2022 with a theme around Fair Share
Fair Trade Hong Kong will host the Fair Trade Autumn Festival on 17 and 18 September 2022 with a theme around Fair Share

The products for sale in the Festival are produced in line with the Six Principles of Fair Trade: Empowerment, No Forced Labour, Fair Pay, Protecting the Environment, Gender Equality and Safe Working Conditions. The 10 selected brands include Fair Taste (the first Fair Trade brand in HK), Soaper Delights (local brand promoting an eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle), Fair Circle (a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation), Welspring (a local brand embracing healthy lifestyle) etc. Collect gifts upon spending while stocks last#.

The workshops include the Coffee Ground Scrub Workshop, the Organic Pigment Workshop and the Handmade Herbal Soap Workshop. Families, couples and friends are welcome to join and learn how to live sustainably and encourage fair trade practices. 

Event: Fair Trade Autumn Festival 2022

Date: 17 – 18 September 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: L3 Atrium, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, NT

Entrance Fee: Free admission, extra charges for workshops

Enquiry no.: Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation at 3705 2488

# Fair Trade Autumn Festival limited-time offer: 

  1. Redeem a Fairtrade-certified Silver Mona drip coffee from Hiang Kie Coffee with receipt(s) totalling $200 or more from the Fair Trade Autumn Festival bazaar and workshops while stocks last.
  2. Redeem a Chinese tea bag from The Art of Tea by Birmingham Food Products with receipt(s) totalling $500 or more from the Fair Trade Autumn Festival bazaar and workshops while stocks last.

About Fair Trade Hong Kong

Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), was founded in 2008.  It is committed to promoting the concept of Fair Trade. 

In 2012, FTHK officially joined Fairtrade International as a Fairtrade Marketing Organization.  It has been authorized to promote and monitor the certification of Fairtrade products in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China ever since.

Fairtrade International is a global organization co-owned by more than 1.9 million farmers. The Fair Trade label is one of the most recognized and trusted sustainability labels in the world. By bringing together small-scale farmers and workers who are usually the most devalued in multinational production chains, Fair Trade aims to come up with solutions to help them enjoy better lives without poverty.

FTHK is dedicated to promoting Fair Trade through educational efforts at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, public awareness events and corporate ESG development programmes. The organization also strives to nurture a sense of global citizenship in young people by carrying out public education activities and expanding the number of Fair Trade products in the market. 

Appendix I: Bazaar Shops

  3. Soaper Delights
  4. Health Aims
  5. Kourmet 52
  6. Ozakka
  7. Welspring
  8. Jollymap
  10. Bliss & Bless International Limited

Special Offers



Featured Products


FAIRTASTE is the first Fair Trade brand in Hong Kong. FAIRTASTE products are locally made, delicious, fresh and free of additives. 

Coffee Beans (Regular Price: From HK$108 )

The Arabica coffee beans are collected from all over the world and are organically farmed.  They are freshly roasted in Hong Kong each week, which makes them flavourful.

Organic Cashew Brittle (Regular Price: HK$96)

The first locally produced Fair Trade snack. Freshly prepared and lovingly made by a group of women “Kai Fong” in Fair Taste food factory in Hong Kong.  No additives and preservatives added.  This crispy and great tasting snack is made with organic cashews from India and the finest organic raw cane sugar from Paraguay. So delicious that people will come back for more.

Soaper Delights

Soaper Delights is conscious of a greener and fairer living. Products are mostly locally made, eco-friendly and yet skin-loving daily items.  It brings sustainability into all that it does, from the source of ethical quality raw materials to its local cooperative partners and eco-friendly packaging.

Top-to-toe soap “Citrus Breeze” (Regular Price: HK$88)

All soaps are cold-process handmade in local workshop. It mixes all vegan ingredients at room temperature, then cuts into pieces and lets dry. The curation lasts for 4-8 weeks before sending the soaps to local shelter centre where soaps are hand wrapped in printed paper. Each piece of soap has vegetable glycerin naturally generated which helps moisturize skin.  After washing with handmade soap, the skin remains moist and healthy.

Tinted Mineral Sunblock (Regular Price: HK$80)

Tinted Mineral Sunblock provides functional sun protection and acts as physical barrier to UVA + UVB.  It is safe for pregnant women and children. To minimize environmental impacts from the used-up sunblock, it is packed in eco-friendly, biodegradable paper tube which naturally degrades overtime. 


FAIR CIRCLE is a social enterprise established in 2005, with a mission to mobilize fair trade movements.  It is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and received Silver Award by the Business Environment Council for Sustainable Product Supplier.

Moroccan Organic Rose Water (Regular Price:  HK$189)

Organic Damascene Rose from the mountains of Morocco is collected and extracted through steam distillation process. Rose water immediately hydrates, refreshes and soothes delicate skin.

Recycled Saree Cloth with Tassel (Regular Price: HK$249)

The cloth is a Kantha Saree Embroidery, a traditional craft of Bangladesh and East India, where local women stack second-hand saree cloths and embroider by hand. The pattern and patchwork of each bag are unique.  The Saree can be used as a scarf or a tablecloth.

Kourmet 52

Kourmet 52, implies having delicious food in everyday life.

With strong connections and relationships with farmers and producers around the world, Kourmet 52 is dedicated to offer the finest quality food. From the origin to Hong Kong, from farm to table, Kourmet 52’s food experts carefully select fresh, high-quality, safe and healthy delicacies to bring customers a better life.

Okinawa Shikuwasa Lime Juice (Regular Price: HK$98)

It is planted and produced by farmers in Ogimi, Okinawa.  It is 100% natural, freshly made and  rich in tangerine peel and citric acid, which helps reduce the “three highs” and improve bowel movements. The juice is a natural concentrate and can be diluted by 1:10.

Oishi – Suppon Soup (Regular Price HK$238/6 cans)

Product of Japanese Food Brand Iwatani that makes use of Japanese Bonito Sauce from Yaizu, Shizuoka with Suppon from Kumamoto. It comprises 3,000mg of collagen and can be consumed directly. Alternatively, consumers may heat and mix it in vegetables for a unique flavour. Boiling with rice or using as soup for cold noodles will make a delicious dish too.

Appendix II: Sustainability-themed Workshops


Fees / Duration

(Maximum of 6 in each session)


Coffee Ground Scrub Workshop

HK$ 80 / product

10-15 minutes per session

 Craft ones’ own natural body scrub by upcycling dried coffee ground with Fairtrade-certified coconut oil. Decorate the glass and spice it up.

Organic Pigment Workshop

HK$ 100 / product

20-30 minutes per session

Come create your own unique colour pigments with organic ingredients such as dried petals, tea leaves and coffee ground. Craft ones’ own painting in their colours too.

Handmade Herbal Soap Workshop

HK$ 150 / product

30 minutes per session

 Want to soap one self up in the scent of tea? This is what one will need: a handmade botanical soap with upcycled tea leaves.