FOTRIC temperature screeners have been used at thousands of sites in the epidemic prevention of COVID-19

FOTRIC temperature screeners have been used at thousands of sites in the epidemic prevention of COVID-19

SHANGHAI, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the global spread of COVID-19, the market demand for screening abnormal body temperature in public places continues to grow. Since last week, FOTRIC 226B automatic infrared temperature screening device achieved an 80% increase in sales outside China because of its accurate, fast and stable temperature measurement effect, which is detected by thermal imaging temperature measurement and AI face detection.

FOTRIC 226B automatic infrared temperature screening device
FOTRIC 226B automatic infrared temperature screening device

Currently, FOTRIC 226B automatic infrared temperature screening devices are transported to the United States, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and other countries for epidemic prevention.

Faced with the increasing demand for temperature measurement, FOTRIC is urgently producing to ensure the prompt supply.

FOTRIC, a company based in Shanghai, China, in effect, is focused on the research & development, production, and sales of thermal imaging technology. Its product line covers a wide range including educational & scientific research, industry, electric power and manufacturing to name a few. Its business has reached many countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas. FOTRIC’s self-developed cloud thermal imaging product launched at 2017 American CES exhibition was widely praised and its newest product developed in 2019 won the German iF International Industrial Design Award.

FOTRIC’s fully automatic infrared temperature screener has a significant advantage and can be simply described as being accurate, secure and fast. This product is developed based on the hardware platform of FOTRIC’s high-end scientific thermal imager. Scientific research products have very high requirements on temperature measurement accuracy. Professors and scientists from more than 500 universities and research institutes around the world have chosen FOTRIC thermal imagers for research experiments and publishing articles in top journals of the scientific citation index (SCI).

ACCURATE – Clear imaging and precise temperature measurement.

384*288 infrared pixels, up to 110,000 effective temperature measurement pixels in a single photo allows the operator to see a strand of human hair, and can be suitable for more distance-accurate temperature measurement. Moreover, temperature measurement during epidemic prevention requires a long time to carry out. The temperature measurement repeatability of this device is smaller than ±0.5℃, thereby ensuring that the long-term temperature measurement is still accurate.

SECURE – Automatically locks the face for temperature measurement and hence prevents false reporting.

The built-in AI dual-light face detection module automatically locks the face of an individual for temperature measurement and clearly displays the highest temperature value of the face. The high temperature sources other than the face in the scene, for instance a cup of hot coffee, are intelligently screened to prevent false reports and achieve 100% detection rate.

FAST – Millisecond-level and imperceptible temperature measurement, performed when passing by.

FOTRIC employs non-contact thermal imaging technology to ensure the safety of personnel on patrol, without the need to physically touch passersby. The entire process is imperceptible to those walking by, and the temperature detection can be completed as long as the person passes through the field of view monitored by the system. The frame rate of 30Hz affects neither the traffic efficiency nor behavior of the crowd at all.

Dual-view screen displays both the thermal and visible light images, when an abnormal body temperature is detected the temperature screening instrument will automatically emit an alarm. Along with a voice prompt, the system will mark temperature anomalies in the picture with a red box, which allows monitoring staff to quickly find the person exhibiting a high temperature.

FOTRIC is actively seeking new distributors around the world to provide localized services.

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