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FOSS launches 2021FW Collection - The Leaders Online

FOSS launches 2021FW Collection

FOSS launches 2021FW Collection

SHANGHAI, Dec. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For the newest collection, FOSS launched “Announcement 01” 2021FW Collection, taking brand symbols and brand portraits as the touch points to connect more young people who are willing to share new cultures, art and designs. They pay attention to their spirit demand and advocate a positive attitude towards life. With “fearlessness” as the inspiration of creativity, the collection is designed for multi-environmental purpose, fulfill the needs of daily commuting and outdoor sports. 

Founded in September 2008, Foss is favored by young people for its multi-brand operation.  Taking “Self-independence spirit” as the cornerstone of the brand, FOSS expresses its values and attitudes through its products, visuals and content output. FOSS specially invited Boah Kim to design the brand’s exclusive symbol and color palette. Her clients include internationally renowned brands such as Balenciaga and Nike. She bridges the gap between the brand and the designer, creating a new brand symbol for FOSS, injecting the brand’s DNA and encouraging today’s young to find their own independent spirit and establish their own life coordinates.

FOSS 2021FW COLLECTION —— Announcement 1
FOSS 2021FW COLLECTION —— Announcement 1

The “Announcement 01” collection includes down jackets, hoodies/sweatpants and t-shirts, paying more attention to the details in design. By using a premium yet uncompromising pastel color palette as the base, the color collision between green and orange delivers a distinctive and playful visual effect. The iconic FOSS cross logo is printed and embroidered throughout the collection, creating a modest attitude and independent personality, offering a full set of matching options for both indoors and outdoors.

The collection aims to ignite the silent and inspire the brave. In this winter, speak for yourself with FOSS. “Announcement 01” 2021FW Collection is available in FOSS stores.

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