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Explore and Learn through Play at The Great Digestion Adventure

by Theleaders-Online | May 15, 2023 1:00 am

The Great Digestion Adventure promises a fun and educational experience to learn all about good gut health and the role it plays in achieving good poop.

SINGAPORE, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Flash Concepts, a homegrown experiential events company renowned for creating one-of-a-kind experiences, is thrilled to announce its latest project: The Great Digestion Adventure. This carnival-style family-friendly event offers a learn-through-play experience about the digestive system by bringing the inner workings of our gut to life.

Image 1: The Great Digestion Adventure[1]
Image 1: The Great Digestion Adventure

Held in Marina Square’s Atrium from 17 to 21 May 2023, The Great Digestion Adventure features four (4) interactive and educational zones where families can explore how our bodies break down food. From ingestion and digestion through to absorption and egestion, parents and their little ones can understand how our digestive system breaks down the food we eat and absorbs the nutrients we need for our health and wellbeing.

The Great Digestion Adventure is proudly sponsored by Friso, a nutrition formula milk brand with over 150 years of Dutch dairy expertise, and co-sponsored by Maison Q, homegrown designer kidswear label, and MamyPoko, a trusted brand with Japan quality diaper products.

“We’re always striving to provide unforgettable experiences so when the opportunity arose, our vision was to create a fun and engaging event experience for the whole family. We’re pleased to help bring to life The Great Digestion Adventure and we hope that by learning through play, families will be inspired to learn all about the inner workings of our digestive system,” said Sean Ow, Co-Founder of Flash Concepts.

Dr. Petrina Wong, Consultant Paediatrician, SOG – Petrina Wong Clinic for Children Respiratory & Sleep added, “The gut is a complex system to understand and the first step to having a healthy gut microbiome starts with understanding how it works[1]. It’s important for families to familiarise themselves with how to achieve good gut health and the role it plays in achieving good poop, as having a healthy gut can prevent common digestive conditions such as malabsorption, diarrhoea and poor bowel movements.”

Image 2: The Great Digestion Adventure Map[2]
Image 2: The Great Digestion Adventure Map

The Great Digestion Adventure begins with a pool of food in a ball pit. Called The Good Bite, children will scoop six (6) distinct coloured items before tossing them into a gaping, toothy maw – heralding the start of the digestion process, ingestion. This is where parents and their little ones can learn about how eating a balanced meal can improve their physical and gut health.

Venturing through the mouth and esophagus is the Bowl & Break. Families will find three columns of blocks stacked like a pyramid on a swirling, greenish-yellow liquid resembling stomach acid. This space allows adults and children to play a role in the digestive process by breaking down food into smaller pieces. The food gets digested by knocking down the blocks with bean bags, similar to how stomach acid and digestive enzymes work.

The adventure continues next door at the a-Maze-ing Absorption. The zone, designed with a pink, fleshy environment, resembles the interior of an intestine. And as the name suggests, families will navigate through winding and twisting gut passages; encounter marble run challenges to understand how without proper absorption, our bodies cannot utilise the nutrients from the food we consume, no matter how healthy or nutritious it may be[2].

After the absorption stage, the family will swoosh down a slide and aim to land The Perfect Poop – not only marking the larger-than-life digestive system’s visual and physical endpoint, but also the end stage of digestion, egestion.

Completing the zones leads to a Craft & Lounge section where the family can interact and learn about good and lousy poop based on the Bristol Stool chart, an assessment tool that can help characterise a toddler’s stool based on consistency and stool type. Event sponsors Friso, Maison Q, and MamyPoko will also be around to interact with the families and offer exclusive product deals.

“We’ve always believed that a healthy digestive system helps children absorb the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy kids, so naturally, we are thrilled to be part of this experiential learning carnival,” said Giacomo Tortora, Managing Director, Specialized Nutrition for Rest of the World, FrieslandCampina. “And we believe that good poop matters because it is a wonderful, visible indicator of a child’s gut health.”

Suhana Ab, Creative Director of Maison Q commented, “We strongly believe in the importance of good digestion and have been advocates alongside Friso in the past two years. Through this experiential event, we hope to help parents and children learn more about good digestion.”

We’re excited to be a part of the event to help parents learn more about digestion and to bring awareness on babies’ diapering comfort for their wellbeing,” added Haniza Tahir, Marketing General Manager, Baby Care Category, MamyPoko.

Upon exit, families will bring home not only Friso’s Exclusive Adventurer Pack containing The Nutrient Absorption Experiment, MamyPoko child care products, and Maison Q vouchers, but also the knowledge that good gut health is essential for a healthy body. By helping their children absorb the necessary nutrients, parents can ensure that their little ones grow up to be happy and healthy.

About Flash Concepts

Flash Concepts creates audience-centric brand experiences that prioritise meaningful outcomes for each client, while integrating measures that matter to society and the environment. This homegrown company specialises in active communication to drive opportunities for conversation, and leverages the power of digital technologies to bring concepts to life. Since 2014, Flash Concepts has consistently delivered results for its clients in the financial, technology, and FMCG sectors, through a full suite of capabilities ranging from engagement and marketing strategy, to video production and digital development.

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