Everyone Can Contribute To A Low-Carbon, Smart Energy Singapore With SP GROUP’S My Green Credits(TM)

Everyone Can Contribute To A Low-Carbon, Smart Energy Singapore With SP GROUP’S My Green Credits(TM)

SINGAPORE, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone in Singapore can now contribute to a low-carbon, smart energy Singapore by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates[1] (RECs) on SP Group’s (SP) digital app platform. SP has launched My Green CreditsTM, a feature on the SP Utilities app, making it affordable and convenient for anyone[2] in Singapore to purchase “green credits” and match their electricity consumption with an equivalent amount of green energy produced.

To underscore its commitment to creating a low-carbon future, SP is covering 100 per cent of the electricity consumption at its headquarters at 2 Kallang Sector with RECs. Its management and staff are also “greening” their own electricity consumption with My Green CreditsTM.

There is a choice to “green” any amount from zero to 100 per cent of monthly electricity consumption, at the click of a button. Mr Stanley Huang, Group Chief Executive Officer, SP Group, said: “Many in Singapore are keen to make green practices part of their everyday life. However, they may be deterred by relatively high costs and the lack of easy access to green sources on a sustained basis. With My Green CreditsTM, everyone can counter the impact of their electricity consumption and create a low-carbon, smart energy Singapore. We are putting the green power back in the consumer’s hands, in a convenient, affordable and secure way.”

Customers utilising My Green CreditsTM will have peace of mind knowing that SP is the first authorised local issuer of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) in Asia Pacific. This independent accreditation by the globally recognised International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard) means consumers can be assured of the integrity of each local I-REC issued.  

The launch of My Green CreditsTM is an extension of the suite of green solutions offered on the SP Utilities mobile app to help customers achieve a low-carbon, smart energy future. Earlier in the year, SP launched My Carbon Footprint – a carbon footprint calculator to help build awareness of one’s daily impact on the environment.

Download the SP Utilities App here: if you have not done so. If you have downloaded the SP Utilities App like one million others in Singapore, simply log on to your utilities account and make use of My Green CreditsTM. For more details, please refer to Appendix 1.

[1] RECs are a recognised way of achieving green targets and a credible means to report that the consumed energy comes from renewable energy sources. RECs are a reliable mechanism which attributes units of renewable energy generated with unique IDs which can be tracked.  A buyer can purchase RECs and show proof that he or she consumed green energy.

[2] Anyone who has a utilities account can access My Green CreditsTM via the SP Utilities mobile app.

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Appendix 1: Go “green” with My Green CreditsTM in 3 easy steps

Go “green” with My Green CreditsTM in 3 easy steps
Go “green” with My Green CreditsTM in 3 easy steps

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