Dr Mahathir on gay marriage, freedom and rights

Dr Mahathir on gay marriage, freedom and rights

CAMBRIDGE:  Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed that he is ignorant about gay marriage since such marriages do not produce offspring.  

“I don’t understand this gay marriage.  Marriage is about procuring children, but gay marriage, do they get children?” Dr Mahathir quipped during a session in Cambridge.

“What do they do? They adopt children and things like that,” he added.

He also said that gay marriage eroded marriage institution, which he regarded as regressive.

“Today institution of marriage have been discarded off.  No marriage, no family, what are we going to be? To us, this is a regressive way of thinking.”

He further said that absolute freedom and rights is not right.

“Simply because you think people should be free that they can do what they like and they feel like marrying men and men and women and women is alright.

“I think rights have got limits. There is no such thing as absolute rights.”