Diwali 2021: Adorn Your Home with These Creative DIYs

Diwali 2021: Adorn Your Home with These Creative DIYs

There is no way that we can contain our excitement anymore as Diwali is almost here. In India, Diwali is more than just another holiday; it is the most important one, bringing the entire land together to celebrate. Everyone returns home to see their friends and relatives and exchange several gifts.

Among all of the Diwali preparations, individuals enjoy adorning their homes the most. This time, we’ve got some simple yet beautiful Diwali house décor ideas for you. Here are a few last-minute decoration ideas for Diwali if you’re a procrastinator or couldn’t find time to complete this elaborate affair.


Diwali 2021: Fill the air in your house with the enchanting aroma of fresh flowers. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

Fill the air in your house with the enchanting aroma of fresh flowers. Choose an intriguing and appealing vase and create a floral centerpiece for the coffee table. Color-coordinate flowers with the colour of cushions or other style accents on side tables, such as lamps or lanterns. A beautifully arranged flower will add charm to your Diwali decor!


This one is a real steal. Quick and simple to construct, with an attractive outcome. Simply select a few mason jars of varying sizes, wrap them with laces, ribbons, or yarns, then insert your candle and holder. If laces and yarns aren’t your things, you may paint the jars and channel your inner Gustav Klimt to form elaborate designs. Use acrylic paint that gels well on a glass surface for the best results.

(Image: Instagram/ishashi.official)


You can make your Diwali lighting look like it came straight out of a movie with this illuminating trick alone if you have trees in your courtyard. It’s as simple as winding street lights over the plants and seeing your yard turn into a party-perfect scene.


The floating candles are a component of modern decoration that looks great as a centerpiece or as accent decor. Simply fill decorative bowls with water and place floating candles in them. You may also fill them with flower petals, glitter or make Rangoli around them, which looks very elegant.



Diwali decorations brighten our moods, and thread lanterns are a particularly lovely way to do it. A DIY effort at thread lantern transports you back to your early days of art and craft at home. They are really simple to construct, affordable, and simply stunning.

This Diwali, make sure you put up a great show with some of the best Deepavali decorations.  Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali 2021!