Chinese Beauty Influencer and Top Live-streamer Ma Shuai Expands His Live-streaming Room to France

Chinese Beauty Influencer and Top Live-streamer Ma Shuai Expands His Live-streaming Room to France

CANNES, France, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ma Shuai, a Chinese beauty influencer who is a  signing expert of Dandelion Digital and one of the top live-streamers in the cosmetics and beauty sector on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), was recently invited to the Cannes Film Festival by the French cosmetics brand JEAN D’ESTREES. While in France, he also held several live-streaming shows. Ma was the first person in China to live stream in counters of international cosmetic and beauty brands in department stores and shopping malls. His live-streaming room – the “Ma Shuai x Super Brands Douyin Live-streaming Room” – has now become an outlet for multiple international beauty brands looking to reach Chinese consumers.

“During our stay in France, we were invited to visit Sephora’s headquarters and the laboratories and manufacturing plant of Clarins. We have also traced JEAN D’ESTREES’s more-than-half-century family history,” said Ma. “Through the ‘Ma Shuai x Super Brands Douyin Live-streaming Room’, we want to let more Chinese consumers experience the charm of French brands.”

Ma, under the alias of PgyMa, has over 2.2 million followers on Douyin. He holds the record for breaking 100 million in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) during a single live-streaming show, which took place in November 2021 at Shenzhen’s MOI Department Store.

Ma’s live-streaming room is not just a platform for selling products. He has implemented various approaches to help brands attract more customers. One unique aspect of his live-streaming is that he dedicates one show to only one brand. Additionally, he has created a new offering called “the gift box“, which contains a brand’s different products in small packs or bottles, allowing his followers to try almost the entire product range of a brand at the price of one lipstick. By doing this, Ma has attracted many consumers who want to try new brands and helped brands who want to expand their customer base.

In May 2022, Ma collaborated with SK-II for a live-streaming show that resulted in the brand winning 12,246 in-store-skin test appointments. This proves that the entire chain of online promotions, sales, in-store appointments, and offline in-store service can be connected through live-streaming.

In addition to his innovative strategies, Ma is committed to providing his followers with the best possible experience and earning their trust. He tests every product that he showcases in his live-streaming room and guarantees that all items available in his live-streaming room are completely authentic and sourced directly from the brands’ counters.

These efforts have earned Ma an impressive following of viewers in China, with his live streams garnering more than 675 million views over the past three years. His audience is made up of high-net-worth individuals who value quality and have significant purchasing power. As a result, Ma has become known as a trustworthy source for international beauty brands on Douyin, and his followers know that they can rely on him to provide authentic, high-quality products.

Ma emphasized that live-streaming at department store counters is more than just a sales booster. It’s a powerful tool for expanding a brand’s reach and creating a deeper connection with customers. By showcasing the counter, professionalism of the salespersons, and new products in a live-streaming show, brands can highlight their product experience, culture, and value. This can lead to increased loyalty and a stronger bond with customers. He predicts that live-streaming will continue to evolve beyond sales and become an even more effective way to connect with consumers.