Child’s cries, the most challenging ordeal during self-quarantine – Bernama DJ

Child’s cries, the most challenging ordeal during self-quarantine – Bernama DJ

KUALA LUMPUR: The cries of her only child, a 7-year-old daughter, at the door wanting to be hugged, was the most challenging ordeal for Bernama Radio’s deejay when she opted to voluntarily quarantined herself having been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive patient.

Raifanabillah Zulkifli described her self-quarantine experience as mentally challenging that required high level of strength and perseverance.

She uploaded a posting of her experience, including all the measures she took to ensure her family was not infected with the virus, on her Facebook page.

“I kept a distance of at least two metres to prevent droplet transmission, slept and ate alone in the room,” she said.

Raifanabillah, also known as Raifa, said before getting the test results that found her negative with the COVID-19 virus, she had problems sleeping for fear of the disease.

“For the two weeks (in quarantine), you will think about everything, what if you are not safe, will you wake up tomorrow,” she added.

Raifa said she also had to go through various medical procedures during the quarantine period, like checking her body temperature daily and to ensure that she had no symptoms of COVID-19.

“The Cheras District Health Office (PKD) made surprise visits and also called to ask about my health and others,” she said.

Raifa said she had panic attack as the day for the results of her COVID-19 test approached.

“Despite all the challenges I went through, I am very grateful to the doctors, who are caring, and my family and friends who are always with me,” she said on her Facebook posting.

She advised those who have been in close contact with COVID-19 positive cases to undergo health screening to ensure they are free of the virus and to avoid endangering the health of others.

“Stay at home because you can still move around freely in your own house, rather than to be in quarantine and be alone in a room,” she added.