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CGCT2023 The 3rd China Gene and Cell Therapy Innovation Forum will open on 9th-10th. June in Suzhou, China - The Leaders Online

CGCT2023 The 3rd China Gene and Cell Therapy Innovation Forum will open on 9th-10th. June in Suzhou, China

CGCT2023 The 3rd China Gene and Cell Therapy Innovation Forum will open on 9th-10th. June in Suzhou, China

SHANGHAI, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “If the 20th century was the era of drug therapy, then the 21st century is the era of cell therapy,” George Daley said, a biologist from the USA. Cell and gene therapies (CGT), represented by CAR-T, have shown tremendous potential in many diseases, especially cancer and genetic diseases, giving rise to the CGCT. In the past two forums, we have discussed cutting-edge technology, built an industry chain for T-cell therapy production and clinical applications, and explored emerging cell therapies, gene editing and therapy, mRNA drug development and production, and oncolytic virotherapy. Nearly 2,000 participants have gained a lot.

The Third China Gene & Cell Therapy Innovation Forum (CGCT 2023) , jointly organized byProfessional Committee of Medical Engineering Transformation and Healthcare Industry Integration of China Research Hospital Association, Porton Advanced, BioValley, and BioBAY, will be held in Suzhou on June 9 to June 10, 2023, which will continue to focus on the forefront of Chinese cellular and genetic immunotherapy academically, explore and share new achievements in CGT with all parties and discuss the new era of the CGT fifield in a broader manner.

The organizing committee has invited over 70 speakers, including from China, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries in CGT area, and gathered 1000+ audience around the world to the conference.

Akihiro Shimosaka, Chairman of Asian Cellular Therapy Organization and Vice President of International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy, who will attend the Plenary meeting and give a speech on Importance of Regulation for autologous cellular therapy.

At Cell Therapy Forum, Liang Ai’bin, Vice President of Shanghai Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, who will give a speech on Standardized management and post-treatment process optimization of CAR T clinical therapy.

Shen Hao, CSO of Fosun Kite Bio, who will give a speech on Immunotherapy for Cancer Cure: A Historical Mission.

Armon Sharei, CEO of Portal Therapeutics, who will give a speech on Research on the Engineering Transformation and Delivery Mechanism of T Cells.

Farzad Haerizadeh, CSO&CO-founder of Bio4t2® LLC, who will give a speech on PrismcoreTM Platform and development of calibrated CAR and for accelerated discovery of therapeutics.

At Gene Therapy Forum, Zhou Jingmin, CO-founder&CEO of  Genemagic Biosciences, who will give a speech on Gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases and commercial production strategy of vector AAV.

Qiao Chunping, Novartis Associate Director, who will give a speech on AAV Gene of Interest (GOI) plasmid design.

Kevin Zhao, CTO of Qi Biodesign, who will give a speech on Gene Editing 2.0 — from randomness to precision.

At Forum 3, Chae-Ok Yun, CEO&CTO of GeneMedicine, who will give a speech on Intelligent tailor-made adenovirus using nanocarriers for cancer gene therapy.

Li Bin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Immunology, who will give a speech on Principle of combination of immunotherapy.

The commercialization of drugs is the closest link between drugs and ordinary patients, while CGT in combination therapy makes up for the defificiencies and is a thorough way to conquer diseases. Therefore, we will share and discuss drug commercialization strategies on combination therapy, covering the whole stage of CGT from the development of cutting-edge technology to industrial cooperation, which is also the goal of the CGCT forum. The conference will also invite well-known capital investors to join forces with colleagues from the industry, allowing all participants to leave satisfified and helping the colleagues in the CGT industry to develop together and create brilliance.

In the misty and rainy south of the Yangtze river, we return to the time-honored city – Suzhou.

Website: https://www.bagevent.com/event/8416436