Calls for massive police reports against Dr Zakir Naik

by Theleaders-Online | April 14, 2019 7:21 am

PENANG: Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel has called upon the public to lodge mass police reports against Indian Muslim televangelist preacher Dr Zakir Naik in a bid to prevent him from speaking in Universiti Utara Malaya.

Zakir is scheduled to give a talk entitled “Duty of a Muslim as a Professional” on the night of 18 Apr in Muadzam Shah Hall, UUM. It was initially open for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The initial promotional material for Dr Zakir Naik’s talk

“In Malaysia, he has ridiculed other religions in an attempt to organise mass conversions. He is responsible in recent years for inciting hatred amongst the Muslims and non-Muslims,” Marshel claimed.

“Because he is protected by certain sections of the Muslim society and some leaders in the present government, he has been emboldened to hurt and ridicule the non-Muslims,” he added.

“Let us go out and stop to Zakir from giving public lectures in the country. We can start by making police reports all over the country to stop him from giving his talk in UUM,” Marshel said.

Two police reports have already been lodged in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya respectively.

On Apr 11, Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching said it was upto [1]UUM to determine whom they wanted to invite for a talk session.

Following that the Malaysian Hindu Sangam youth wing sent a protest [2]memorandum expressing their fears and concerns over Zakir’s session.

The memorandum resulted in UUM restricting [3]the talk to Muslims only.

“They have also agreed to restrict the talk to Muslims,” added Malaysia Hindu Sangam president, Datuk RS Mohan Shan to The Leaders Online.

Marshel however is not confident that the talk will be restricted to Muslims only.

“We know that this is not going to be an ordinary lecture; he will show the superiority of Islam over non-Muslim religions by putting them down and in the process will ask non-Muslims to convert.”

“He has done this before and he is going to do it in the coming days,” Marshel said.

UUM’s deputy vice chancellor Associate Professor Hendrik Lamsali told the press on Friday that the talk is meant to be an academic discussion and attendance is not compulsory.

Zakir is currently facing terrorism and money laundering related charges in India where he is wanted.

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