Caged debunk IGP over Suhakam’s enforced disappeance report

by Theleaders-Online | April 11, 2019 10:52 am

PUCHONG: Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances (Caged) debunked the notion that the police force was cooperative in Suhakam inquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh and social activist Amri Che Mat.

Suhakam concluded that the disappearance was a case of enforced disappearance which happened with the involvement of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch.

Yesterday Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Fuzi Harun said[1]: “It is not true when Suhakam said police did not cooperate with them, the fact is we have always assisted in the inquiry,” he told reporters.

The group highlighted two instances of the police’s cooperation in the inquiry, namely the refusal of the investigation officer to submit a copy of sketch plan of the location where Koh was abducted.

The police also refused to give Suhakam access to police investigation diaries on the grounds that the documents were protected under the Official Secrets Act.

Caged also pointed the clear 12 to 14 hour time lapse on the part of the police to investigate disappearances of Koh and Amri.

They also took Fuzi to task for stating that Suhakam should have released the report to the police Home Ministry instead of making it public.

The IGP did not say that PDRM had requested Suhakam to refrain from releasing the Inquiry’s report to the public – though PDRM knew well in advance what Suhakam was likely to conclude, for the reasons listed below.

“On March 6, 2019 – the date on which the Panel received final oral submissions – PDRM officers present were informed the Inquiry report would be released publicly (on April 3).

“PDRM knew what was coming as early as January 15, 2019 – the date Suhakam had set for all parties to exchange final written submissions with each other and with Suhakam.

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