Bluevisor chosen for NatWest FinTech Accelerator Programme

by Theleaders-Online | April 17, 2020 12:30 pm

SEOUL, South Korea, April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bluevisor, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, was selected for the second consecutive year to participate in the NatWest FinTech Accelerator Programme, which is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Bluevisor will be participating in the accelerating program from April through August. NatWest is a subsidiary of RBS, a key British financial institution.

Bluevisor picked for NatWest FinTech Accelerator Programme (Hwang Yong-guk, CEO of Bluevisor)[1]
Bluevisor picked for NatWest FinTech Accelerator Programme (Hwang Yong-guk, CEO of Bluevisor)

For the annual program, NatWest assesses promising startups from all over the world that have demonstrated significant growth potential and selects companies to receive support. The selected companies are provided with assistance to obtain technology investments locally in the UK (with a focus on FinTech) as well as global networking support. After initially being selected for the NatWest Accelerator Programme in September 2019, Bluevisor was recognized again this year for its global marketability and localization potential and was selected for program support.

NatWest originally planned to conduct its accelerating program (offline) in the UK. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, the program is temporarily following an online itinerary. Bluevisor has been participating in the online program since April 1.

AI startup Bluevisor is the creator of HIGHBUFF, an AI software solution for investing and wealth enhancement. HIGHBUFF completes all steps in the investment process from portfolio setup, investment asset allocation to re-balancing portfolio. The service is available on PC or smartphones.

Hwang Yong-guk, CEO of Bluevisor, said, “We were selected again this year from among 125 companies and given a high score not only because of our diligent and proactive participation in NatWest’s 2019 program, but also because we network with diverse companies in the London area and show consistent sales increases.” Hwang added, “Now that HIGHBUFF’s technologies, credibility, and marketability are being recognized in the UK, Bluevisor will continue to work to promote the excellence of Korean technology in the global market as well as increase our corporate value through consistent sales increases.”

Bluevisor was also selected to receive support through KIC Silicon Valley‘s KIC-Express Soaring, a program that provides support according to localization phase. The company successfully passed the program’s first level of participant screening and was recently selected to participate in the second level of screening. In 2019, Bluevisor was also named a winner of the New York Family Office Challenge. The company continues to be recognized worldwide for the high quality and marketability of its products and had a media interview at NASDAQ, selected as a top 10 company of Startup World Cup 2019 (New York), and named as a finalist of the startup pitching contest “Take Off Istanbul International Startup Summit 2019” held in Turkey.

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