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Blue Technology: China - TOP 100 Media Practitioners' Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics was revealed - The Leaders Online

Blue Technology: China — TOP 100 Media Practitioners’ Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics was revealed

Blue Technology: China — TOP 100 Media Practitioners’ Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics was revealed

BEIJING, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Technology Research Report shows that, on December 30, 2021, Global Key Users Research Center (GKURC for short), a market research institution participated by Blue Technology, released the report of “TOP100 Media Practitioners’ Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics” in Beijing. The GKURC Industry and Economics Think Tanks was established at the same time.


Affected by the continuation of the epidemic, rising prices of raw materials and other factors, China’s home appliance and consumer electronics industry moved forward under pressure in 2021. How to innovate and break the situation is to test the wisdom and ability of the enterprises related to TV, OTT, white goods, kitchen appliances, small household appliances, cleaning appliances and others, which becomes the focus of the majority of media practitioners.

By the end of 2021, GKURC conducted in-depth research and analysis on the brands, technologies and communication of related enterprises for hundreds of senior media practitioners of domestic consumer electronics, for which the report of the “TOP 100 Media Practitioners’ Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics” was formed.

Zhou Ying, the co-founder and director of global market research of GKURC, pointed out in the interpretation of the report that the four types of the brands of the home appliances consumer electronics are more appreciated and respected by professional media practitioners, and the excellent characteristics of these enterprises also represent the development trend of the whole industry:

First, the enterprises with high technical barriers. Under the background that the dividend of the popular market is gradually fading and the demand of iteration and innovation is dominant, the professional media practitioners generally believe that technology-driven enterprises have more lasting growth power. For example, in the TV category, Hisense has won high recognition from media practitioners with its numerous innovations in the fields of picture chip, social TV, laser TV, etc., and SONY with its continuous innovations from X1 image processing chip to XR cognitive chip. For large home appliances, the health technology of Haier air conditioner 3D sterilizing chamber, the intelligent oxygen sterilizing technology of Whirlpool washing machine. For kitchen electrical appliances, the space microwave oven technology of Galanz and the healthy kitchen technology etc., all left a deep impression for media practitioners. In the category of the hot smart cleaning, Ecovacs and Eureka are also praised by the media by virtue of artificial intelligence technology and electrolytic water sterilization technology.

Second, the enterprises with global modes. In the stock market, the domestic market is becoming saturated, but the overseas market is still promising. The professional media practitioners are particularly respectful of the enterprises with global modes. For example, the Hisense Group continuously sponsored European Cup, World Cup and other global large-scale sports events in recent years, which greatly improved the brand image of Hisense in the global market, especially the European Cup’s enclosure advertisement of “The Laser TV, the World’s First” let the media practitioners be still fresh in their memories, which is generally believed that it has made great contributions to the promotion of Hisense TV and even the global influence of the whole Chinese brand.In addition, Hisense Group has launched several high-quality mergers and acquisitions in North America, Europe and Japan in recent years, which have become the focus of media attention and reports and won high praise from the media practitioners.

Another enterprise with excellent global development is Haier Smart Home. Almost 100% of its overseas business is its own brand, which is the only white power enterprise in China operating under its own brand in the global market. The media practitioners have noticed that the IOT ecology, smart home and RenDanHeYi of Haier are all exported, which is different from the other home appliance enterprises for exporting hardware products. Haier Smart Home not only exports products, but also exports technological innovation mode, which has won high praise from the media practitioners.

Third, the enterprises with innovation ability of high value category. The evolution of the market competition from low-end price war to high-end value war is the focus of the reports for professional media practitioners. For the enterprises with innovation ability of high value category, the professional media practitioners give high evaluation. For example, Casarte not only develops high-end home appliances, but also promotes the landing of high-end smart sets, which leads home life into the era of smart scenes. FOTILE has developed many other high-value new species of the dishwasher with high-energy bubble washing sink, the water purifier for mother and child that can filter harmful impurities but retain beneficial minerals, the integrated cooking center that integrates refrigeration technology, smoking technology and cooking technology, etc., which constantly broadens the innovation boundary of high-end kitchen electrical appliances. Vidda has opened up a new track of high value music TV, greatly improved the brand premium and growth space of the Internet TV, which have been highly appraised by professional media practitioners.

Fourth, the enterprises with communication power of professional and sincere public relations. Brand public relations is the bridge and link of external publicity and communication for enterprises. Based on their actual work experience, the professional media practitioners recognize the brand public relations team with smooth communication channels, timely response to interview needs, professional business and sincere attitude. Hisense Group, Sony China and other enterprises have been highly praised by the media practitioners with their professional and sincere public relations communication power.

In this event, according to the results of the research, the organizer selected the “TOP 100 Media Practitioners’Golden Selection Awards for 2021 Home Appliances Consumer Electronics”. Hisense, Haier, Midea, Sony, HUAWEI, Ecovacs, Eureka, Joyoung, FOTILE, Galanz, Whirlpool, Vidda, CooCaa and other brands have won relevant awards for their outstanding performance. At the press conference, the GKURC Industry and Economics Think Tanks was officially established, with more than 100 experts from industry associations, universities, media, maternal and child, education, household and other fields becoming the first members of the think tanks.

Ding Shaojiang, the co-founder and chief analyst of GKURC, said that GKURC will connect rich cross-border resources, deeply promote key user research in consumer electronics, Internet, FMCG, automobile and other sectors, which provides multi-dimensional support for scientific decision-making, fine operation and accurate marketing of enterprises.