Blame greedy Malays for continuing divide and rule policy

Blame greedy Malays for continuing divide and rule policy

PUCHONG: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has blamed greedy Malays for continuing the divide and rule policy that was introduced by the British colonial masters.

He said that the discriminative policy remains in Malaysia because the Malays were willing to give up honor and integrity in exchange for wealth.

He said this in a series of messages that he posted on Twitter.

“Hari Raya Quiz: Q1: Why was the British successful over 200 years with divide and rule policy? A: Some Malays were happy to barter their honor/integrity for a small pot of gold.”

“Why is the divide and rule policy still rampant after 67 years of independence? Because the Malays have remained the same.”

Post-independence, Malaysia has practiced a policy favoring the Malays.

Under the previous regime – Barisan Nasional – component parties were by and large based on race.

The arrival of the new Pakatan Harapan government has not changed much too as policies favoring the Malays continue.

PKR and the DAP is multiracial whereas Bersatu is exclusively Malay and Amanah is overwhelmingly Malay in composition even though it admits non – Malays as members.

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