Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

New research suggests that the oh-so-effortless bald-headed look that middle age men have begun sporting for the last several years is now wildly attractive.

The Process Of Balding

For most men, the process of balding can be a slow process ranging from several years to a few decades. But what is true is the process of balding does not happen overnight. Studies show that by the age of 35, approximately 66% of men lose a considerable amount of hair, and by 55, almost 90% of men have incurred significant to total hair loss.

And if you’re balding, it’s likely you’ll choose to shave the several remaining tufts of hair you do have, instead of combing them over, which is likely why by the age of 55, 85% of men have incurred complete Mr. Clean status.

Male pattern baldness is largely due to a man having a family history of baldness in their genetics. Research shows that the androgen receptor gene is implicated in male pattern baldness. The androgen receptor gene plays an important role in growth regulation.

Bald: The New Sexy

For years, baldness contributed to low levels of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression and spending a ton of money in hopes of reversing the process or hiding the effects of that hair loss was not unlikely. But guess what? Going bald, or just simply shaving it all off and bearing your crown to the world could potentially be one of the best things to happen to you!

Just as Dr. Frank Muscarella from Florida’s Barry University says. Muscarella’s male participants were rated in four quadrants: physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity ranging from honesty to intelligence and social status.

The study had two groups of participants. One group scored photos of men who had full heads of hair. The other group would score the same men, but with their hair computer digitally removed.

The results showcased that overall, most people from the groups perceived bald men as more honest, intelligent, and stronger. And with some of the best looking men in Hollywood being bald (think Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne Johnson to name a few), it’s no wonder why the study also found that bald men are sexier and more masculine.


So if there were ever a time to rejoice in becoming bald, NOW WOULD BE IT! While you may perceive your situation as not ideal, you can still look good and feel even better and more confident about your appearance. Who knows what may become available for you in life once you choose to embrace rather than shame your bald beautiful dome!

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