‘Bad, my most special work partner’: Corporal Willen

‘Bad, my most special work partner’: Corporal Willen

KUANTAN: The death of a four-legged colleague, named Bad ,at 3pm last Monday, left a deep feeling of sadness and loss on Corporal Willen Slamping@Sirampin.

Thirteen-year-old Bad, a Labrador from the Tracker Dog Unit (K9) of the Pahang Police Contingent, died due to old age, was Willen’s first work partner.

Willen, 34, said Bad, born on Nov 8, 2008 in Germany, was his work partner since Aug 4, 2011, before the tracker dog had to be ‘rested’ in 2019 due to age factor.

“Even though Bad was rested, and I was given a new dog, I continued to supervise him…fed and bathe him, as well as took him out for walk..

“Bad remained special because he was my first dog as I have no pets,“ he told Bernama here today.

Willen said he realised Bad’s “time” was coming to an end, when he noticed the dog was less active over the past week, including losing its appetite and had to be fed.

“And during a routine check-up on June 27, I was told by the doctor to be ‘ready’ as Bad’s condition was deteriorating.

“ I was given a week, but, Bad was strong willed… it lived longer. I went to see him every day, and last Monday, I knew it was his last day because Bad was so weak when I arrived at the cage at 8am…there was no respond when I called out for him, and I stayed with Bad until I felt his heart got weaker.

“I hugged him for over 15 minutes until I realised he was no longer breathing. I wiped his head and called his name, but Bad was gone,“ he said.

Born in Serian, Sarawak, Willen described Bad as ‘fierce’ while on duty, but said Bad was adorable and friendly compared to other K9 dogs, and this helped to relieve the stress when they were involved in any operation.

He said Bad showed excellent performance since they went for the course at the Police Training Centre (PULAPOL) in Kuala Lumpur..

“It was always among the earliest dogs to detect hidden drugs and often get the top spot in the tests,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pahang Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Technical Assistance Staff Officer (D6) ASP Chia Che Chau said Bad’s efficiency in detecting drugs led to many arrests, with the most memorable ones in 2012 and 2014 which crippled the drug trafficking syndicates in the state.

“During a roadblock mounted atJalan Gambang-Kuantan in 2012, Bad managed to detect heroin hidden under a windscreen wiper, and in 2014, Bad once again helped us when he was able to detect syabu and heroin hidden in the dashboard of a car. Bad was very sensitive to the presence of drugs,“ he said.

Chia said Bad was buried near the Pahang IPK K9 unit here, beside his comrade,Tho, which died on Sept 19, 2020, also due to old age.-Bernama