Awards Ceremony of iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022 Held

Awards Ceremony of iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022 Held

CHONGQING, China, Sept. 29, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — A news report from iChongqing:

Intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) are defined as a new area of opportunity in the automobile industry. iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge, developed under the leadership of CAERI Intelligent Connected Technology Co., Ltd., is positioned as an “international, professional, and branded” competition with great influence in the industry and among media and consumers. Thus, it has become a “testbed” for automobile enterprises, universities and colleges, and startups to compete in this area.

iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022, after all sports were finished, held a ceremony on September 25 in Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, to present awards to teams and individuals with outstanding performance in the ADAS Challenge, Extreme Challenge, and Functional Self-driving Vehicle Challenge.

Themed “Intelligent Driving for Better Future”, iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022 started on September 23.

The first day welcomed competitors for the ADAS Challenge, the only sport created for customers, which is popular. 32 sought-after ICVs, launched over the past two years, gathered in Jihua Park, Liangjiang New Area, to compete in the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) event and Automated Parking System (APS) event. A fierce battle in the rain not only tested the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) ability of these mainstream ICVs but also attracted many fans through the highlight videos spreading online. Chinese brands, represented by Chang’an Automobile, TANK, Wenjie, and WM Motor, became the big winners in the sport, almost obtaining the special prizes of two events. The majority of first prize winners also came from Chinese brands.

Extreme Challenge, a new member of the competition, was held on the morning of September 24. The “extreme” racing track had over 20 sharp turns and slopes, typical of the road conditions in Chongqing, with “extreme” scenes, such as Pedestrian Crossing the Road but Blocked by Obstacle from Drivers’ Sight (commonly known as Ghost Popping Head Out), Avoidance of Construction Sites, Avoidance of Broken Down Cars. All of these posed “extreme” challenges to the vehicles’ sensing and processing ability and Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). With the sound of the starting gun, professional teams drove into the track one after another, competing in sensing, computing power, response, and teamwork. Victory always goes to the well-prepared. Daojian Youxing No. 2 Team and Bisheng Team of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which trained the hardest and were the most committed before the competition, became the winners.

On the afternoon of September 24, the Functional Self-driving Vehicle Challenge was staged on the 1.2-kilometer-long racing track beside Mingyue Lake. It stimulated the scenario of automated deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pick-up, delivery, response to en route obstacles, and others were set to test vehicles’ sensing, decision-making, and control abilities in self-driving mode. Although looking cute, these vehicles had great computing power and advanced algorithms, impressing people with the rapid development of intelligent connected technology. Daojian Youxing No. 1 Team, with remarkable performance, won another special prize, together with the Jizhixing No. 1 Team of Chongqing University of Technology.

In addition to the face-to-face contests, this year’s Challenge also organized a contest in the “metaverse”. Virtual Simulation Challenge held earlier welcomed 83 teams from universities and colleges at home and abroad, automobile enterprises, and startups, which competed online through the i-SIM simulation evaluation platform independently developed by CAERI Intelligent Connected Technology, to test the safety of the autonomous driving system and compliance of road traffic rules. Geely Intelligent Driving Pioneer Team, Wading Never Stall, and Chang’an Automobile Tianshu Team stood out and won the special prizes.

Holding the heavy trophy and gold medal, the representative of the winners said: “The high-level competition not only provided participants with an opportunity to practice but also created a communication platform for the ICV industry. Its brand image and empowerment value are increasingly prominent.” With the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022 came to a successful end. Participants agreed to meet again next year!

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