‘Artificial intelligence can’t overcome human impulse’

‘Artificial intelligence can’t overcome human impulse’

K Pragalath

KUALA LUMPUR: Human beings need not fear artificial intelligence (AI) as both function on different parameters, said Hakuhodo Malaysia chief marketing officer Kota Takaichi.

“Intelligence alone cannot triumph creativity. The problem with human beings is environment an mindset can change faster than that,” said Takaichi

“AI cannot react to impulsive behaviour. Human being can think outside the box. AI is based on facts, human beings have impulse. So lets leave logic to the machine,” he added.

He said this at a presentation entitled Think Future Forward: How Asean Lives Evolve As Technology Gets Smarter. The Asean Sei-Katsu-sha forum was organised by Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living Asean.

Elaborating further on AI, Takaichi said that AI functions based on a pre-programmed rule in algorithm.

“It has now developed machine learning and deep learning. It can help search behaviour by offering suggestions.

He also spoke about big data and big ideas.

“Big data would not replace big ideas because data builds up ideas based on current trends. Ideas define the question of why. It is imaginative and challenges boundaries whereas big data is a collection of facts,” he said.

Hakuhodo chief operating officer Ryoji Suzuki meanwhile presented the advancement in advertisement targetting that uses face targetting.

Face targetting uses facial recognition software or face API to determine products necessary for a customer. It is also able to measure attitude change.

For instance, if a face API traces stubbles on a usually clean shaven man, it would recommend a shaver.

He also spoke about Spontena, a bot that is able to have intimate conversation with human being.

Spontena uses machine learning conversation that aids customers in finding for solutions.

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