Allegedly a child molesting ex- CEO

Allegedly a child molesting ex- CEO

PETALING JAYA: An ex-telecommunication company chief executive officer (CEO) who was close to the Fouth Floor boys during the former BN administration under former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was arrested for molesting his own children.

In an exclusive report, English daily The Star revealed that the ex-wife of the CEO had lodged police reports against the ex-CEO at least 15 times since 2015 for molesting and outraging the modesty of their children.

The ex-CEO was arrested in Hulu Kelang on last Thursday for trespassing and giving a death threat to his ex-wife. He was released on police bail four days later.

The divorced couple have joint custody over their two daughters and one son.

Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11) principal assistant director Asst Comm Choo Lily confirmed that D11 had conducted investigations into these previous reports but the cases were classified as no further action (NFA) due to lack of evidence.

“Some of these cases were classified as NFA by the DPP due to lack of evidence. Others were mainly police reports over custody of their children.  But if there is any new evidence or allegations, of course the case would be re-looked at,” she said.

One of the reports lodged in 2017 led the D11 to obtain an interim protection order for the ex-wife and the children in Nov 2017.

The order however expired in December last year and the case ended up being classified NFA on the basis that the Social Welfare Department had completed its investigation into the matter.

The ex-wife had found out about her husband’s despicable act in 2015 when she brought her daughters for counselling session.

During the session, the children graphically recounted some of the things their father allegedly did to them.

The counsellor, Wong Kah Peng aka Nicholas Wong, subsequently advised the mother to lodge a police report after hearing the accounts of the two girls, who were aged eight and 10 at the time.

Wong also filed an affidavit with the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court on May 8, 2015, during the couple’s custody hearing, in which he testified that the 10-year-old had told him that her father came to her bed and laid down beside her, then put his penis into her hand.

This woke her up and when she told her father that this made her uncomfortable, he told her to keep it a secret.

Wong, in his affidavit, stated that he was always ready to speak out in court as he had a responsibility under the law to report any immoral activities done to children.

A spokesperson for the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), an NGO that supports survivors of domestic violence and other forms of gender- based violence, confirmed that it had provided services to the mother at this time.

However, WAO could not provide any more information, citing confidentiality.

In September 2015, the ex-wife lodged another police report at the Pantai police station in which she stated that her daughter complained of abdominal pain and nausea to a nurse at the international school she was attending.

The nurse then brought the child to Pantai Hospital for a medical examination, and the doctor there referred the case to the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for further tests.

The UMMC team advised the mother to lodge the police report as they suspected the child had been molested by an “unknown person”.

In 2017, the mother lodged another report after her younger daughter allegedly told her that their father had molested her and her elder sister at various locations, including at his home.

The mother also lodged a police report last November after her son allegedly told her that he had been forced to sleep in the nude beside his father.

Reports indicate that the two girls are currently still staying with their father, while the boy is with the mother.

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