Aktiia’s Continual Blood Pressure Solution Shows Comparable Results to ABPM

Aktiia’s Continual Blood Pressure Solution Shows Comparable Results to ABPM

NEUCHÂTEL, Switzerland, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aktiia, a health tech startup transforming hypertension care, has announced promising results from a preliminary study comparing their cuff-less and continual blood pressure monitor with traditional ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM). The study included 52 patients enrolled in a 12-week cardiac rehabilitation program and found that the Aktiia bracelet produced daytime blood pressure measurements that were comparable to those of an ABPM.

Illustration of Aktiia and Experiment setup
Illustration of Aktiia and Experiment setup

Aktiia‘s continual blood pressure monitoring solution provides a more convenient and accessible alternative to traditional blood pressure monitors. The company’s technology uses optical sensors to track blood pressure, making it a non-invasive, convenient, and comfortable option for patients while providing 800+ blood pressure measurements per month.

“We are thrilled with the results of this study, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our blood pressure monitoring solution,” said Josep Sola, CTO and co-founder of Aktiia. “Our goal is to transform hypertension care for 100 million people over the next decade, and these results are an important step towards achieving that goal.”

The trial results shared on Nature Hypertension Research show no significant differences between the Aktiia monitor and ABPM for systolic blood pressure (SBP), with only a marginally non-significant bias for diastolic blood pressure (DBP). Together with previous clinical trials, this new evidence provides strong positive indication that the blood pressure values from Aktiia’s technology are equivalent to that of traditional blood pressure monitors, including ABPMs.

Christine, one satisfied customer, praised the technology on Trustpilot, saying, “This is the future of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. I’m happy with Aktiia – its readings are in the same ballpark as my standard blood pressure machine, and it gives an invaluable insight into what’s happening…”

Aktiia’s technology improves patient outcomes by enabling more frequent and accurate blood pressure monitoring. The solution impacts not only the identification and prevention of hypertension, but also the treatment and control, resulting in lower cardiovascular risk. The company plans to continue developing and refining its technology to enable continuous hypertension care management for millions around the world.

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