‘Adib was not pulled out of EMRS van’

‘Adib was not pulled out of EMRS van’

PUCHONG: An autopsy conducted on late firefighter, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s body did not reveal injuries consistent with being pulled out of the Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) vehicle he was in.

Medical forensics specialist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, who performed the autopsy on Adib’s body, told the inquest that he deduced that the firefighter had exited the EMRS vehicle on his own.  

“The post-mortem findings did not find injuries consistent with the deceased being pulled out.

“Throughout the inquest proceeding, so far, there have been no eyewitnesses whose testimonies could support the argument that the deceased was pulled out or assaulted,” said Hafizam, the inquest’s 24th witness.

Responding to questions from lawyer Syazlin Mansor who was acting on behalf of the Fire and Rescue Department and the Housing and Local Government Ministry, Hafizam admitted that there were also no eyewitnesses who testified that Adib had exited the EMRS van on his own.

“Because the post-mortem findings showed there were no injuries consistent with being pulled out, it was concluded that Adib had exited on his own,” he said.

Hafizam said he had carried out an experiment to determine the cause of Adib’s injuries and refuted theories presented by retired pathologist Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid.

Shahrom, the 29th witness, had testified that Adib was pulled out of the EMRS van and the injuries on the firefighter’s chest may have been caused by the van door.

Hafizam, however, said he was not confident that Adib had worn the firefighter jacket that was retrieved from the site where he was rescued by a passer-by.

Based on Shahrom’s theory, he said, Adib’s jacket would have been torn in the front.

“But Adib’s jacket was not torn but his pants were dirty and torn,” said Hafizam.

Hafizam, however, said he was unable to comment on the fact that several buttons were found missing from the firefighter jacket.

Other points raised by Hafizam to support his argument today include the length of an abrasion found on Adib’s chest.

“If he was dragged out, the abrasion would be shorter and if he had exited on his own, the abrasion would be longer,” he said, pointing out that the abrasion was caused by a striker plate on the EMRS van door.

“The issue at hand here is whether Adib had exited (the van) on his own or whether he was dragged,” Hafizam added.