Man smashes cake in pet lion’s face. Who is the real animal?

Man smashes cake in pet lion’s face. Who is the real animal?

A recent video of a Kurdish man smashing birthday cake into his pet lion’s face became viral. The video has left Twitter furious.

Smashing a person with cake in their face on birthday’s is bad enough now people have started doing it to their pets.

Pets, be it, dogs, cats or even lions for that matter, need special care and smashing cakes in their faces is not acceptable. Recently, a video of a Kurdish man, Blend Brifkani, smashing a birthday cake in his pet lion’s face went viral.

The video shared by Rajya Sabha MP, Parimal Nathani is captioned, “Here is a cruel video of an #animal welfare worker smashing birthday cake into his pet #lion’s face. If a so-called ‘animal welfare worker’ can be so cruel with a pet lion, then God forbid where this world is headed!”

The video shows a group of men including, Brifkani kneeling next to the pet lion. The men can be heard singing, Happy Birthday to you in Kurdish language, when suddenly, Brifkani smashes the cake into the lion’s face and rubs it in while the other men laugh and make videos.

The lion can be seen trying to get away from the men and trying to clean his face with his paws. Blend Brifkani, who is also the head of a local NGO, Kurdish American Cooperation Organisation received a lot of backlash for his actions.

Twitter went furious after watching the video. Actress Raveena Tandon also had a few words to say after watching the incident.

Now Blend Brifkani has come forward and issued an apology on his official Instagram which is full of pictures of him with his pet lion, Leo.

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