70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Becomes the Best-Selling Dash Cam in the Indonesian Market

70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Becomes the Best-Selling Dash Cam in the Indonesian Market

With outstanding 1944p resolution, Dual-Channel Recording, a 2-inch screen, and other features, 70mai Dash Cam A500S Set provides an optimized user experience

JAKARTA, Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 70mai.Co.Ltd, a smart car electronics company, today revealed that Dash Cam A500S Set had been its most popular product ever since its release, which also made it the best seller of dash cams in the Indonesian market.

Guided by continuous customer feedback, 70mai Dash Cam A500S Set is engineered not only to meet the basic need of a dash cam, which is to capture vehicle accidents to provide proof for the police in hit-and-run situations, or to record footage of someone driving under the influence, but also to offer an optimized user experience with its great functionality, including 1944p resolution, Dual-Channel Recording, a 2-inch screen, built-in GPS, and more.

70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Superior Vision At Night
70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Superior Vision At Night

A Dash Cam to Optimize the User Experience

Thanks to 70mai’s sophisticated technologies in car electronics, A500S Set comes with leading features and offers a satisfying user experience, meeting the need of those who want a higher-end dash cam with competitive functionality and usability.

1944p Recording, 2.5 Times Higher than Standard 1080p

70mai Dash Cam A500S Set includes a 5-megapixel high-sensitivity Sony IMX355 image sensor, which records in 1944p, 2.5 times the resolution as the standard 1080p, delivering much better clarity of road signs, license plates, and other details.

70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Dual-Channel Recording
70mai Dash Cam A500S Set Dual-Channel Recording

Dual-Channel Front and Rear Recording

An optional rear camera can keep an extra eye on the back of the car and record in 1080p with a 130° FOV and an F2.0 aperture to offer sharp and clean footage and wide coverage. The self-installation makes it easy to set up by sticking the rear camera onto the rear windshield. The front cam can still shoot in 1944p when the rear one is recording in 1080p simultaneously.

2-inch IPS Screen for Easy Monitoring and Control

The 2-inch 480*360p IPS screen of Dash Cam A500S Set displays live footage in sharp detail for easier monitoring and allows users to easily navigate through the menu. A press of the function button can switch the views between the front and rear cameras.

Superior Night Vision Made Possible with 3D DNR and WDR

Even in darker and high-contrast conditions, Dash Cam A500S Set can still produce low-noise and color-accurate footage as its 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology effectively reduces noise and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) automatically adjusts the exposure balance of the image.

Emergency Recording & 24H Parking Surveillance

With the built-in G-sensor, Dash Cam A500S Set automatically initiates emergency recording when it detects shakes or collisions, and emergency videos are saved in the “Event Folder”, so they can be easily located and won’t be overwritten. When an emergency video is recorded, A500S Set will give voice notifications when it’s turned back on. An optional Hardwire Kit is available to keep the dash cam powered when the car is parked.

ADAS for Easier Driving and Extra Safety

Dash Cam A500S Set has ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) built in, which monitors the surroundings in real-time and gives voice alerts for extra safety. The Lane-Departure Warning System, a part of the ADAS, scans the lane markings on the road and alerts the driver when their car starts drifting from its current lane. And Forward-Collision Warning System calculates the speed of the vehicle ahead and the distance between the cars to prevent forward collisions.

Built-in GPS that Provides Accurate and Stable Real-Time Positioning

The built-in GPS inside Dash Cam A500S Set keeps track of the trip data in real-time details, including time, speed (km/h, mph), and coordinates, which would be vital evidence for roadside assistance and insurance claims should an accident occur.

Additional Features to Make Dash Cam A500S Set Even Easier to Use

The dedicated app allows users to control A500S Set straight on their smartphone, on which they can monitor, save and share the footage. The loop recording function prevents “memory full”, during which new recordings automatically overwrite older videos when the memory card reached its full capacity. These combined ensure great user-friendliness.

Price and Availability

The Dash Cam A500S Set is currently available on Tokopedia, and priced at Rp1,649,000.

About 70mai

Founded in 2016, 70mai is a smart car electronics company with industry-leading technologies and a commitment to creating products that exceed customer expectations. The in-house supply chain, R&D department, and factories have granted 70mai strong capabilities for both software development and hardware manufacturing. 70mai holds a solid brand reputation and a strong market presence in 103 countries and regions, including Europe, South East Asia, and North America. In the past few years, 70mai has earned two of the world’s highest honors of product design, an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award, which speak to the outstanding design quality in terms of appearances, functionality, and innovation, as well as the commitment to delivering the best products possible. Find out more on

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