25% of Americans Experienced Burglary in 2022; 80% Want Safer Homes: AlfredCamera Safety Survey

by Theleaders-Online | March 2, 2023 5:55 pm

TAIPEI, March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One in four Americans experienced home burglary in 2022, according to the first annual Global Safety and Security Report released by AlfredCamera, a leading home security brand and software provider. The survey sheds light on the current state of crime and home security in ten different countries, including the US. With over 70 million downloads in over 170 countries, AlfredCamera is the most popular security camera app on Android and iOS devices.

Crime is a major concern for people in 2023[1]
Crime is a major concern for people in 2023

The survey revealed that home security is a major concern for people in 2023, with more than 80% of Americans indicating that they had thought about improving home security in the past year. Security cameras (83%) were the most popular choice of home security product that people considered investing in, followed by keypads (41%), alarm systems (32%), and window locks (26%).

Crime is an increasing concern for Americans

The survey found that crime has become an increasing concern for people across the world, but is particularly problematic in the US. Half of all Americans (51%) said that they or someone they know experienced a crime in the last year. The most reported types of crime among US respondents were harassment (49%), burglary (47%) and robbery (44%).

40% of Americans felt that the crime rate increased after the COVID-19 pandemic, while hate and gender-based crimes (rape, harassment and stalking) were reported much more than in other countries.

Other notable findings from the survey include:

Commenting on the survey results, Alex Song, CEO of AlfredCamera, said: “These findings highlight the importance of crime prevention and home security in 2023, as well as the growing role that technology continues to play in keeping people safe. With our strong user base in the US, we are committed to helping our users protect their homes and families, and will continue to innovate and develop new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

The full survey results are available at https://alfred.camera/state-of-security/en/2022/[2].

For more information on AlfredCamera, please visit https://alfred.camera/[3].

About AlfredCamera
AlfredCamera’s mission is to provide accessible security for everyone. AlfredCamera has received more than 70 million downloads and exceptional user ratings on both iOS/Android, reflecting its position as the most trusted video monitoring app on the market. The company is determined to create an easy-to-use product that combines great performance with stability.

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